The Endurance and Communication Review of Lenovo P780 Smart Phone

002814046It seems that Lenovo P780 has drawn a lot of attention. Besides, its endurance of 4000mAh battery is also the highlight. The review of its endurance and communication ability shall be presented.
In terms of Lenovo P series phones, the endurance of P700, P770 have won good reputation and the storage of brand-new Lenovo P780 has been elevated to 4000mAh.

Its previous detachable design has been turned into the design of integrating battery and panel. Besides, the power adapter cable is collocated, making it possible to charge other Android phones, which is quite considerate.

During the endurance review of Lenovo P780, everyday application situations are imitated, which makes it more explicit and straightforward to have a better understanding of its endurance ability. Then what should be mentioned is that in order to save the time an enhance the efficiency, three same Lenovo P780 phones are used for the test.
1 The first phone is to be charged with one 2000mAh battery.
2 The second phone is used to play the HD video of 720P format, music online and phone games
3 The last one is to be charged to the full power from the naught power.
1 The first phone is to charge another phone with one 2000mAh battery.
The test condition
It’s with full power.
The power of the phone to be charged remains 3%
No SIM cards are installed and no other background programs are processed.




The test processing:
From the 6:31 p.m. one Lenovo P780 is used to charge another phone with the battery of 2000mAh storage and the whole charging procession lasts for 2 hours.
The test result:
The power of Lenovo P780 is left 67%, which consumes 33% power.
The charged phone’s power is elevated to 41%, which is provided 38% power.
The charging time is lasting for 2 hours.
The function of intercharging between phones is quite practical, which can be of some help in emergency. How can this be possible? It’s all due to the additional power adapter cable, which interconnects both phones at ease.


What needs to be done is just to use the power adapter to respectively link the cables of both phones. As to the Micro USB cable, they are common among the collocations of the many Android phones, whose threshold is quite low.
What needs paying attention to is that Lenovo P780 can only charge Android smart phones, but the brand and model are not limited.
2 it’s to be play the HD video in 720P format, music online and phone games

The condition of playing videos.
The power of the second Lenovo p780 is left 99% storage.
The built-in player is used and the light intensity is turned to the maximum level.
The 720P-degree local video in mp4 format is used.

The result of the test:
3% power is consumed.
The 720P HD video in MP4 format is played smoothly in its preinstalled player and no pause occurs.
The testing condition of playing music online
The second phone is still used to be tested(its remaining power is 96% storage left.)
Its preinstalled Baidu music software is for testing, which lasts for one hour.
It’s played via loudspeaker and the volume is turned to its 50% level.

The test result:
5% power is consumed in this test and 91% power is left.
The test of phone games
The second P780 is still used for test phone games(91% power is left.)
The preinstalled game from the third party is for testing for about 90 minutes.



The test result:
7% power is consumed and 84% power is left.
After three tests, 15% power is consumed, which has 84% power at the moment. Whether it’s satisfactory remains to be seen.
The test of Charging from no power to the full storage of power
The condition of the test:
Only 2% power is left.
It’s to be charged to the full storage of power via the standard collocated charger.
No SIM cards are installed and no other background programs are operated.




The test result
It takes four hours to charge it to the full storage of power from the previous 2% power. In the early charging period, the increase of the power is obvious while after it reaches 99% storage of power, and gurgling model is operated to protect the battery, which costs some time to reach the full storage of power.
Finally the simple test to examine the communication capability, to be more precise, which is to test whether it can support dual-card standby or it can make phone calls via two cards simultaneously. Then the rear lid of one phone is opened and two cards are installed. The phone will recognize two cards automatically when it’s turned on.





After the two cards are recognized, two more phone are borrowed for the calling test.
After three tests, it’s concluded that Lenovo P780 supports dual-card standby but it cannot call via two cards simultaneously.
The summary: it’s believed that a better understanding shall be had about the phone after these tests. In general, the performance of Lenovo P780 in power dissipation and endurance is quite satisfactory. By means of using the phone for several days such as calling, texting messages, loading QQ, updating micro blogs or play local videos, it needs charging every three days, which is indefinitely the good choice for those who often go out on business.

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