The Review of Lenovo S750 Quad-Core Tablet

898795In the past months, dozens of phones have been reviewed, including the mainstream Android phones, the phones with new Windows Phone OS, which have exclusive design, excellent collocations or sell at low prices. However, those that have left a good impression are not seen often, but one smart phone called Lenovo S750 is quite impressive.The Lenovo S750 is waterproof and can be protected from scraping and falling, which sells for only 244 bucks.It is believed that many consumers do not know Lenovo S750, or do not understand it quite well, thus, the following examples will be of some help for better understanding.

The Lenovo S750 also adopts monoblock touch screen design with main color of black and orange, while is full of energy and vitality. Its size is 134.5×70.4×9.9mm, which is the same with ordinary smart phones while it’s more exquisite than other 3-proof smart phones. What needs explanation is that the completely closed design is adopted, which makes it able to submerge in the water for 30 minutes one meter below the water surface.

     898693                                     (the frontage of the Lenovo S750)

On the frontage is the 4.5-inch IPS large screen designed and the resolution is the corresponding qHD degree(540×960), which is quite vivid and clear. What’s worth mentioning is that the second-generation Corning Gorilla Glass is adopted, which can protect from scraping and grinding. But it does not protect from falling, which ought to be paid attention to.

(898800                                               (the details in the frontage)
Meanwhile, three common Android touch keys are designed. As is shown in the picture above, the keys displayed are menu key, Home key and return key. The keys rebounds sensitively and the flashlight is also collocated, which is convenient for operation in the pitch dark condition. On the left upper corner the front-facing camera is designed. Maybe due to the need to control the cost, it’s only of 30W pixel display.

898694                                                  (the details in the frontage)
 Lenovo S750 adopts metal inner support frame and the panel uses the ware-resistant and scratchy-resistant design, besides, the polished back cover is less possible to be contaminated with fingerprints, which can assure its cleanness. Then what is worth mentioning is that as it adopts the waterproof design, it can be cleaned by water directly when the phone is in the isolated atmosphere.

898695                                         (the back cover of Lenovo S750)
Same with popular phones, the 800W rear camera is equipped as well as the flashlight, which belongs to the advantageous collocations. When it is used outdoors, the amazing moments or outdoor scenery can be recorded at any time. As to the concrete imaging effect, it shall be presented later.

898696                                              (the details in the back cover)
Besides, design of 4 screws is installed on the four corners of its back side. But in fact, the back cover is not fixed by screws but it can be opened by the opening groove. Thos who are careful may find that the loudspeaker is exposed on the outer place and so the waterproofing function is doubted.

898697                                        (the details in the back core)
Like the comprehensive design, the edging design is also quite mellow and round while the back design is different and it feels more comfortable. In the meantime, the orange color which is full of energy is adopted on the lateral sides, which contributes to its fashion.

898699                                                       (Lenovo S750)
Its panel is just 9.9mm. Though the ultra-thin phones can be seen in every nook and cranny at present, 9.9mm thickness is still appreciable for the 3-proof and 4-core phone, as to the aspect of keys and interfaces, it’s alike to other Android smart phones, which is equipped with integrative volume keys.

898700                                                  (the details on the top part)
On the top of the phone are allocated the power key, Micro USB data interface as well as 3.5mm earphone interface, all of which are located in the mainstream positions. In order to ensure its 3-proof function, the interface protection lid is also designed, which can be dustproof and waterproof.

898701                                           (the details on the top part)
As to the bottom side and left side, no interce and keys are dweihned, which is quite mellow and round. As Lenovo pay much attention to the workmanship, the importance of closure, anti-skidding property, falling protection, the integral appearance is still appreciable. As to the closure, several rounds of waterproof tests shall be implemented.
As is referred to at the very beginning of the passage, Lenovo S750 is 3-proof smart phone, which is of IP67 degree, and can be submerged for half an hour one meter below the water surface. These data come from the Lenovo official website, which shall be tested in the following procedures.

898691                                           (the test of waterproof property)
As is shown in the picture, Lenovo S750 is to be washed by the artificial waterfall. After rounds of washing, it can still work well and no turning-off or blackout occurs. When it is wiped dry, it can still be work properly.

898706                                           (the test of waterproof property)
Besides, it is also mentioned above that the loudspeaker is exposed outside, so can such a design stand the submerging under water. In order to testify it, in the condition of closure, the phone is put into the water pool. Several minutes later, it is taken out and works still well. What’s more, the phone which is calling is put into water and it is never off the line still in water, which is quite amazing.

898733                                               (the test of waterproof property)
The several rounds of tests prove that Lenovo S750 is actually waterproof. In our daily usage, it can still work after it falls into water, which is more secure and reliable than the ordinary phones.
As is mentioned before, Lenovo S750 is the smart phone, which is collocated with mainstream Android OS, owns the applications from the third party. The most updating Android 4.2 OS contributes the great development in fluency, operation experience. In the meantime, Lenovo has made further development and it is more appealing to domestic consumers compared with original Android 4.2 OS and adds multiple particular applications of Lenovo.


(desktop interface and application program menu interface)
The same with many Lenovo smart phones, Lenovo S750 is preinstalled the exclusive applications such as Lenovo shops, Lenovo calendar, Lenovo synchronization and so on. By Lenovo synchronization it’s easy to realize the synchronization of address list and application programs back-up. Lenovo notebook is personal, which can realize the cloud storage and ensure the security of users’ files.


(the interfaces of Lenovo synchronization and Lenovo security)
Lenovo security is the phone security software which includes the real-time monitoring, privacy protection, harassment interception, flow monitoring, protection against the theft and so on. There are three private modes such as secretive mode, children mode and visitor mode. When it is switched to the visitor mode, the phone can hide the whole communication information and designated application software, which is quite humane.


                   (the interfaces of UC browser and microblog)


(the interfaces of Lenovo shop and Lenovo micro message)
Besides the exclusive applications, the hot applications such as phone QQ, Sina microblog, Meitu show, UC browser, Sogo typewriting, the mass comment and so on are also preinstalled. For those who are senior users, other needed application can be downloaded via Lenovo shops such as Micro message, Baidu magic picture, baidu typewriting and so on, all of which can be compatible.
As the 3-proof smart phone, Lenovo S750 sells for only 244 bucks, which is identical to many ordinary phones. But what needs to be added is that it’s also a quad-core phone, which adopts MT6589 quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz main frequency and 1GB RAM. The following tests are to test its comprehensive properties.


               (the benchmark test score of Antutu v3.3.1)
In the benchmark test via Antutu v3.3.1, the total score reaches 13832, which is quite satisfactory. Then we can see that it does a good job in system optimization. Besides, the updating Android 4.2 OS is much more marvelous compared with previous ones, which contributes to the good performance.

898865                                   (the screenshot of the game of The Fish Lord)

898879                                   (the screenshot of the game of The Riptide GP)
In terms of daily operation experience, no failure or resetting occurs in Lenovo S750 during the days of experiment. For 3D phone games such as Fish Lord, Temple Run: Oz and Riptide GP, it runs in smoothness, the image is quite clear and florid and multiple tasks can be dealt with as well.


                                 (the screenshot of playing 1080p video)

Apart from these, Lenovo S750 can play 720p, 1080p HD videos. For those who like to enjoy the HD video via phones the 3-proof and quad-core phones obviously can satisfy the need.
Though it sells at quite cheap price, it is also collocated with a 800W pixel display rear camera(with LED flashlight and auto focus), which is in the superior level. Meanwhile, it also supports panorama, HDR, face b beautifying and long continuous shooting in a streak and so on, which can satisfy the need in kinds of situations.
It can be observed from the details of the sample pictures, including


                                               (the interface of camera setting)


                                                    (the sample pictures)



                                                    (the sample pictures)


                                                     (the sample picture)


                                                     (the sample pictures)


                                   (the sample picture taken at night)

the microspur photos and long-range view photos. As it is maximized, the noise of the sample pictures are not obvious, which shows its sensitive ability to seize the details.
It can be observed from the sample pictures that it does not only a good job in seize the accurate details, bright color, the processing of fuzzy background is also nice. Besides, in the indoor lackluster condition, the image effect is also quite nice. However, the shooting effect at night is quite common.
Up to now it is supposed that Lenovo S750 is known to some extent to the consumers. We may well say that it adds the 3-proof function based on the ordinary smart phones rather than call it 3-proof smart phones. As a matter of fact, like many smart phones selling at the similar price, Lenovo S750 also supports WCDMA+GSM dual-card standby, which is of some importance for general users.


                          (the interfaces of dual-card setting)
What needs explanation is that Lenovo S750 can support the synchronization of calling and data connection, in other words, users can designate the cards for calling of data connection and both cards can be designated. Then the users can call and surf the internet simultaneously. Besides, it is equipped with standard SIM card, which saves some problem.

898702                                          (2000 mAh battery is collocated.)
In the aspect of endurance, Lenovo S750 is equipped with 2000mAh battery(detachable) , which is in the medium level. After actual test, it is known that the it will cost 6% the total power for 9 hours with dual-card standby. For those who call quite frequently or go outing, it’s necessary to take another original battery and one large-storage mobile battery to support the endurance need.

898703                           (dual SIM cards and Micro SD card are also supported.)
Besides, Lenovo S750 also supports the MicroSD card expansion, which can be extended to 32GB. It can help save many audio and video files.
As an Android smart phone, Lenovo S750 is equipped with 4.5-inch large-screen, quad-core processor as well as 800W pixel display main camera, which runs quite smoothly and satisfy kinds of application needs. Dual-card standy is supported. Meanwhile, it also adopts closed design and have the 3-proof property such as waterproof, scratchy-resistance and protection from falling. What’s more important is that it sells for only 244 bucks, which is quite eye-catching in kinds of aspects.


                                                             (Lenovo S750)

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