Cube TALK 5H Phone Review

3441989_3441989_DSC_7419Cube Talk 5H is collocated with a 1.2GHz MT6589 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM+4GB ROM (the storage expansion is supported.) It adopts the 5.5-inch IPS screen with 1280×720 pixel display. As to the cameras, two cameras are provided (130W+800W). Moreover, the Android 4.2.1 OS is applied. As to the size, it is of 154.2×78.6×9.5mm. besides, it supports WCDMA/GSM dual-card standby.
The sturdy and elegant appearance
With regards to the package, Cube TALK 5H also

adopts the kraft paper, which is quite concise. Then we can see the profile of its appearance.

The first impression of Cube TALK 5H is quite sturdy. In the frontage is collocated with a 5.5-inch ultra-large screen. The corneas are quite prominent. Moreover, the color collocation of black and white is fashionable.

There are three standard touch keys on the low place of the frontage. Besides, the telephone microphone is also designed here.

The volume key is designed on the left side and the design of concave slot is designed, which is convenient for operation.

The back core design of Cube TALK 5H is in pure white, in which the matte processing is applied. In the medium part of the back core is the Chinese LOGO of Cube.

In the aspect of camera, Cube TALK 5H is allocated with a 800W pixel display camera with LED flashlight. The flashlight unit is slightly convex outside. However, the surrounding of the camera is wrapped up with the texture metal stripe, so the daily applications won’t damage the camera.

After opening the back core, the inner part of the phone comes into our sight. Double SIM cards are preinstalled. What’s worth paying attention to is that Cube TALK 5H adopts the standard+Micro SIM card design, which respectively supports WCDMA/GSM dual-card standby. Moreover, the TF card slot is designed and the 32GB storage expansion is upheld.

As to the battery, Cube TALK 5H is also preinstalled the a 2500mAh lithium battery. After the relevant test, the everyday phone calls, SMS, and entertainment functions and so on can be well supported. the endurance ability is somehow quite amazing.
5.5-inch screen
Cube TALK 5H is preinstalled a 5.5-inch IPS screen with 1280×720 pixel display and the PPI is 267. Though it does not reach the retina degree, its display effect is quite delicate and exquisite.

As to the color reduction, Cube TALK 5H does a good job. The hue is brilliant and the color is saturated. Though the PPI is only 267, the actual effect is nice.
The score of hardware
In the aspect of the hardware, it is with a mainstream MT6589 quad-core processor. then we will see its actual performance in the test.


(the information of hardware)


(the score in Master Lu is 17065/13319.)


(the Antutu score is 12953 points.)


(the score of Vellamo is 1454/437, Linpack 93.86 MFLOPS)


(Nenamark1 45.3fps)


(Nenamark2  42fps)
In the general tests, Cube TALK 5H shows the normal performance. Since it is of the engineering version, the score performance in the graphic property is a little less outstanding.
The introductions to the system
Cube TALK 5H is collocated with the most updating Android 4.2.1 OS and the interface inherits the original version. Never the less, the Xiaomi desktop is preinstalled, so in the aspects of icons and system animations we can see the character of MIUI.


(the interface of locking and the system information)


(the main interface and the added widgets)


(Xiaomi theme and Xiaomi desktop setting)
Besides collocating the Xiaomi desktop, Cube TALK 5H’s Xiaomi main interface also supports MIUI system.


(it is of MIUI character.)


(the magic market and webpage browsing)
Besides the Xiaomi desktop, Cube TALK 5H has its own characters, such as Cube magic market and Cube magic videos.
The shooting effect
Cube TALK 5H supports 130W+800W cameras and applies the original shooting interface of Android 4.2 OS, which upholds HDR, panorama and 1080p video recording.
The sample pictures are as follows.


(the shooting interface)


Cube TALK 5H is at ease to cope with the everyday shooting. Since it is of the engineering version, the speed of focus is slightly slow and it’s hoped that the official version shall develop it.
the conclusion

The phones with ultra-large screens are more frequently seen across the country as well as in the world. As one of them, Cube TALK 5H has its own charisma. With its own 5.5-inch screen, square and sturdy panel as well as the outstanding hardware, it is quite marvelous. Though some shortcomings still remain, it will be optimized sooner or later.

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