OPPO U2S Quad-Core Smart Phone Review

ceqv1m1N8X8tEThe 4.5-inch screen OPPO Ulike2 belonged to the mainstream screen at the beginning of this year while it is obsolete at the moment when the large-screen becomes dominant. Thus, some optimization must be made in OPPO U2S. OPPO U2S features a 5.5-inch screen with the 1280×720 pixel display,which has the excellent display effect. The visible angle is 180 degree.

Meanwhile, it is also with the Corning 2G glass screen.

ce4AtXHmppplg                                                   (500W pixel display front-facing camera)

ceOMrCOWNfiTs                                                     (the virtual keys on the low side)
At the very start of the this year, OPPO Ulike 2 that focuses on the shooting function was released. Its 500W pixel display front-facing camera is of course the highlight among the smart phones. Moreover, the smile shooing and the extreme beautifying function are also quite popular even up to today.
Just a few days ago, the upgraded version of OPPO Ulike 2-OPPO U2S was issued, in which the screen size and functions are developed a lot. Then we will come to review the performance.

ceqv1m1N8X8tE                                                        (the frontage of OPPO U2S)
Since it is the smart phone focusing on the shooting ability, the design of its appearance of course takes the female aesthetic standard into account. The four corners are with the arc design and the frontage is surrounded by the silver edging decoration stripe. The height of the screen is slightly higher than the edging, which is quite impressive. The size of OPPO U2S is of 152×75.8×9.4mm and its weight is of 182g.
Above the screen is there a receiver of the shape of pinhole and on the left side of the receiver are the sensors. A charging signal is on the left side of the sensors while on the right side of the receivers is a 500W pixel display front-facing camera. When the screen is touched, the virtual keys will be lighted.

ceh4q5zEEwUIA                                                       (it is 9.4mm thick.)
In the aspect of the key arrangement, OPPO U2S is almost alike to others and the keys, interface are designed on the surroundings.
the Baby Skin spraying technology is outstanding.
The back core of OPPO U2S adopts the Baby Skin spraying technology, which seems to be with the matte texture and good to prevent the fingerprints. On the low side of the back core is the position of the loudspeaker while the 800W pixel display main camera with LED flashlight is on the upper side.

oppo u2s 4                                                       (the back core of OPPO U2S)

oppo u2s 9                                                        (the main camera with 800W pixel display)

oppo u2s 1                                                            (the SIM card slot)

oppo u2s 3                                                         (the 3000mAh battery)
it is not quite easy to open the back core of the OPPO U2S and the workmanship is quite professional. When the back core is opened, a 3000mAh battery comes into our sight, which is enough to cope with the daily applications. Above the battery compartment are the two SIM card slots and support GSM/WCDMA model.
The various OPPO applications
OPPO U2S adopts the Android 4.2.1 OS and it is further developed by OPPO. The wallpaper, the special effect in switching the interfaces, the themes and so on can be reset by clicking on the menu key on the desktop.

                           oppo u2s 10oppo u2s 11

(the wallpaper, special effect can be redesigned.)
The OPPO weather report can forecast the weather in four days and can even provide the precautious information when the disastrous weather is on the way. The NearMe notebook also supports posting the pictures and doodling at random besides the traditional functions. “Xiaoou aide” is the audio applications, which can even talk to you when you are suffering from boredom.

                            oppo u2s 13oppo u2s 12

(the OPPO weather report)

                           oppo u2s 15oppo u2s 16

(the Xiaoou aide)
The application of “security butler” is also applied in OPPO U2S, which is also able to control the flow and intercept the harassment and so on. The “power-saving butler” can indicate the applications that consume lots of power. Moreover, when the power is less than 20% left, the ultra-long power-saving mode is imposed.

                           opp0 u2s 18opp0 u2s 19

(the security butler/the power-saving butler)
Besides these applications, phone QQ, Sina Weibo, Taobao customer and etc. are also included.

                            opp0 u2s 20oppo u2s 17

(the test of the original browser)
In the test of the original browser, the flash content can be displayed well on the Home page of Sina of the computer version and the Youku online videos can be also played quite smoothly.
800W pixel display main camera
In the aspect of the shooting, the supported functions of OPPO U2S are not plentiful for the functions such as ISO light sensitivity and white balance are not supported. Never the less, the panorama model, smart virtualization and HDR model are supported.

opp0 u2s 21                                                         (the shooting interface)

opp0 u2s 22                                                            (the shooting function)

opp0 u2s 23                                                         (the sample picture)

opp0 u2s 25                                                       (the sample picture)

opp0 u2s 26                                                           (the picture sample)
From the sample pictures can we notice that the ability of color reduction is quite powerful. Owing to the low ISO, the indoor sample pictures have almost no noise. Moreover, the microspur ability is quite outstanding and the background fuzziness is prominent.
It is at ease to play the 1080p videos.
The OPPO U2S music player is quite shining after customized development and no trace of the original Android player can be found. When the function of switching the playing music via swinging, you can turn to listen to the next song just by swinging. Meanwhile , the lyrics are downloaded automatically. In the pulling-down menu, the playing music can be also controlled. After the test, the formats such as aac, ogg, ape and so on can be all normally played.

                            opp0 u2s 27opp0 u2s 28

(the interface of the music player)
As to the video playing, several pieces of videos are selected for the test. Here is the result.

opp0 u2s 29opp0 u2s 30                                                          (the test result is nice.)
We can see its wonderful performance in video playing. 12 out of 15 pieces of videos can be well played and only one has the serious pausing. Moreover, the other two videos can be played via MX player.
The score test
OPPO U2S is with the MT6589 quad-core processor with 1.2GHz as well as the 1GB RAM+16GB ROM.

opp0 u2s 31                                                 (the property of MT6589)
MT6589 was released by Media tek at the end of last year, which is the first smart phone platform to support HSPA+dual-card standby and dual-card calling simultaneously. It adopts ARM Cortex-A7 framework, 28nm technology. Meanwhile, it integrates UMTS Release 8/HSPA+/TD-SCDMA multiple-model modem. The graphic core is PowerVR SGX544, which supports the 1080p 30fps video recording and playing as well as the 1300W pixel display. What is its actual performance? we shall take a look.
The comprehensive test


                           opp0 u2s 32opp0 u2s 33

AnTuTu Benchmark is designed software to test the performance of phones and tablets with Android systems, which can score the comprehensive and individual property in an effective manners.

Basemark OS

BasemarkOS is the software for testing overall performance level of equipment system, which includes system tests(such as message service, Java, file processing, storage, data bank, compressing and decompressing, Bluetooth and dialer and so on.)the graphic test(such as 2D imaging, zooming, JPEG、PNG, GIF encoding and decoding、3D game test); other tests such as calendar and so on.

                           opp0 u2s 34opp0 u2s 35

Quadrant Advanced Edition

Quadrant is the senior-level mobile equipment testing tools developed by Aurora Softworks, which includes storage test, four I/O test, 2D graphic processing test, three 3D graphic processing test to have a comprehensive feedback of tested equipment. The equipment without GPU unit cannot process this program. In theory, higher score equals the better comprehensive property.
Quadrant includes three versions of Standard、Advanced、Professional. Besides final tested result, the Advanced version also provides offline browsing. There is no difference between Professional and Advanced version in function, only the former caters to commercial consumers(such as agent, cell phone manufacturers),and the price of software is higher. Our test selects Quadrant Advanced Edition.

                             opp0 u2s 37opp0 u2s 38

the test of CPU property
AndEbench includes two performances of AndEMark Native and AndEMark Java.

AndEBench is the software issued in 2012, which provides the way to evaluate Android’s platform property and can test CPU and Dalvik( Dalvik is the virtual machine in Android system, which is to process the application programs, so it’s also the important property.) and compare the difference between Java. The software can also testify the function of multithreaded performance and the final performance is for the pre-installed application’s execution efficiency and the installed application from the third party’s execution efficiency.

opp0 u2s 40

It has become the most popular benchmark to test high-quality computer system’s floating point function. Compared with tablets, Linpack of Android cellphone is relatively simplified. The updating version includes the test of single-thread and multiple-thread. As its name implies, the higher score means better calculation ability of processor. The dual-core or multiple-core processors’ advantages shall be shown in the part of multiple-thread test and the result is shown via Flops.

                           opp0 u2s 41opp0 u2s 42
Performance test2/ conclusion
GPU test——

3D Mark is the software to test the video card’s property put forward by Futuremark. With the upgrading of those software, 3D Mark has become the software to measure its comprehensive function. In February,2013, after the release of the 3D Mark11, the product of the new generation is launched with the name 3DMark. Besides Windows platform, other three versions such as Android, iOS and Windows RT are added. Three situations are loaded for 3DMark, in which FireStrike which is specially designed for the high-end product based on DirectX11, Cloudgate based on the mainstream hardware DirectX10 and IceStrom designed for the entry-level Direct X9. However, only IceStorm is reserved in versions of Android and iOS.

                             opp0 u2s 43opp0 u2s 44
Though the complexity of the tested animation varies in IceStorm and IceStorm Extreme, the content is the same. Three tests are included- Graphics test 1, Graphics test 2 and Physics test. The first two tests are to check the GPU property, in which graphic test 1 focused more on the vertex shader in the condition of declining pixel load; graphic test 2 is prone to pixel rendering and post-processing. As to the third test, the CPU’s property is mainly examined. The animation background adopts static pictures, which is in order to decline the effect of GPU and test the CPU’s physical property.

As to the terminal, the system version of the tested Android equipment needs to be better than Android 3.1, have over 1GB RAM storage and over 300MB ROM storage as well as also contain OpenGL ES 2.0. iOS’ version shall be better than iOS 5.0. with regards to the Apple products, it should be the products which come later than iPhone4, iPad2, iPod5 and the storage shall be more than 300MB
Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji

Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji is the software to test graphic image, in which the situation that a girl is playing shadowboxing is preinstalled to test the equipment’s three-dimension graphic function, which can examine the speed of the equipment in processing games and pictures.

opp0 u2s 46
Test of RAM property ——
Memory (Stream) is the software to test storage, which is to examine the function of Copy, Scale, Add and Triad respectively and check the comprehensive performance. The higher the score is, the better the property will be.

                            opp0 u2s 47opp0 u2s 48

Sunspider0.9.1 is the software to test the web browser by virtue of checking out the display speed of kinds of data and pictures. The tested programs are rather multifarious, including 3d、access、bitops、math、string and so on. After the test, the gross score will be obtained. The lower the number is, which means the needed time to display the kinds of information is less, the better the property of the browser is.

opp0 u2s 49

Vellamo is the benchmark testing application developed by Qualcomn(it’s like Neocore), which can test the property of your cellphone and its stability, including Java, network and interface. Likewise, it also includes several testing programs, but only the gross performance is concluded. The higher score means better level of optimization and nicer web browsing.
As the benchmark tool of cellphone webpage, Vellamo includes two main models. HTML5 model can be used to evaluate the property of mobile webpage browser while Metal model is applied in measuring CPU’s subordinate system’s property of mobile processor. The test suite can be applied by clicking, which is convenient and fast. Kinds of categories including repeated playing, 3D graphic image, video, RAM/ROM can be evaluated.

                           opp0 u2s 50opp0 u2s 51
HTML5 test——

Fishbowl(25 fish are set)

The name “fishbowl” indicates that the property of HTML5 is tested by the image of a fishbowl which is full of fish. The number of the fish can be set. During the test the fish in the bowl are swimming. Provided that the number of fish is the same, the quicker they swim, the better property the HTML5 is. On the left side of the interface the score is also provided, likewise, higher score means better function.

opp0 u2s 52
As the next main revised edition, HTML5 is still in development, whose main advantage is reinforcing the performance of webpage, and providing better optimization of searching engine. The webpage APP is operated more quickly and is linked to the network more quickly and it will perform better in downloading pictures and more exquisite webpage animation effect.
Conclusion: At the moment, consumers are paying more attention to the size of the screen. OPPO U2S is with the 5.5-inch large screen is quite outstanding among the smart phones. Moreover, its 500W pixel display front-facing camera is also the highlight.
During the times when the function of taking pictures is so important, OPPO U2S is applied the large screen, quad-core professor, high pixel display, which is indefinitely outstanding and sure to make a hit.

1 It is of the 5.5-inch large screen.
2 It is of the 500W pixel display front-facing camera.
3 It is of the quad-core processor.
The noise can be seen in some sample pictures taken in the evening.

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