Pipo M8HD Review 10.1 Inch 1920*1200 DH Screen

Pipo M8HDThis is a review of the Pipo M8HD 10.1 Inch Android Tablet’s Screen,the update to Pipo M8 Pro.
Recently Pipo released Pipo M8HD Android Tablet,The biggest change compare with Pipo M8Pro is the display.The Screen Size a jump from 9.4 Inch from 10.1 Inch 1920*1200 resolution.

Pipo M8HD Specifications

Brand Pipo
Model M8HD
CPU Rockchip RK3188 Quad-core ARM Cortex A9
Camera Front 2MP, Rear 5MP AutoFocus and Flash Light
Screen Size 10.1 inch
Screen Type AHVA
Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels (Retina 16:10)
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (support 5G/2.4G)
3G support 3G USB Dongle
Bluetooth v4.0
GPS not build in
Battery Type 8000 mAh
Size 240 x 172 x 10.5mm
Weight 570 g
Operating System Android 4.2.2

Pipo M8HD Screen Pictures:
Pipo M8HD 1 Pipo M8HD 2 Pipo M8HD 3 Pipo M8HD 4 Pipo M8HD 5 Pipo M8HD 6 Pipo M8HD 7 Pipo M8HD 8 Pipo M8HD 9

Pipo M8HD for the display of the picture is very ideal, able to show the real color,strong screen appear,and details in place.

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One thought on “Pipo M8HD Review 10.1 Inch 1920*1200 DH Screen

  1. I bought two units per Pipo M9 in December 2013 and now a unit is defective.
    sometimes it does not turn on, and sometimes does not go out. In some cases, there is no reaction,
    WiFi interrupts constantly, so I can not continue working. In addition, the display is apparently defective,
    when switching on as long as there is black screen, you can see irregular bright spots.
    The second device is ok, funktionier eiwandfrei (slow WiFi) otherwise ok.

    What can I do, where should I go?
    Please help!
    Thank you in advance.

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