10.1 Inch PiPo M8HD Quad Core Tablet Review

PiPo M8HD 1PiPo M8HD is a 10.1 inch large size tablet, it features a RK3188 quad core processor, a 2GB powerful running memory, and runs an Android4.2.2 operation system. While the biggest highlight of the machine is the unique book-type wedge design which is far from the conventional design ideas.

PiPo M8HD 2

The overall appearance:
Different from the design of iPad, PiPo M8HD uses a unique book-style wedge body design. Almost all of the interfaces are arranged in the thicker side, so that the computer appears simple, unique and beautiful.

PiPo M8HD 4

PiPo M8HD uses a 10.1 inch 10 points touch 1920*1200 AHVA capacitive screen on the front, and the pictures are very beautiful and realistic whether playing games or watching video.
Seemingly, M8HD is specially designed for horizontal screen operating, because it’s 2.0MP camera, light sensor and two AAC speakers are all placed at one of the long side. It may be a pleasure to carry the narrow side, feeling the computer thickness gradually increases.

PiPo M8HD 5

The detail description:
At the top of the screen there are two AAC speakers that can show the maximum sound effects to the user. In addition, the surround sound effect on both sides is can’t matched by speakers elsewhere. And in the middle of the two speakers lies a 2.0MP front camera which is more than enough for daily video chat and self-timer though it not support auto-focus function. Next to the camera is a light sensor for automatically adjusting screen brightness by sensing light intensity.

PiPo M8HD 6

PiPo M8HD 7

A headphone jack and a power button are separately set on both sides of the machine, and it looks very chic. Meanwhile, the power button is very convenient to use an the horizontal screen operating.

PiPo M8HD 8

It is worth mentioning that M8HD offers numerous interfaces, and all of those are concentrated on the long side while not as crowded as imagined at all. They are include: SIM card slot, Micro SD card slot, Mic hole, Host Interface, USB interface and power connector.

PiPo M8HD 9M8HD only with two physical buttons designed, except the power key is set on the side, another physical button is also set at the long side. Judging from the appearance, it looks like a volume key, but its function is “back” and “home.” We might not adapt to this change for we are accustomed to the elongated volume key.

PiPo M8HD 10

The back design of PiPo M8HD is very simple.It uses black high hardness plastic material with grinding process.It not only has excellent touch feeling,but also has a certain non-slip effect. The upper of the back is the 5.0MP camera with auto-focus and touch-focus, but its shooting effect is somewhat unsatisfactory. Nearby is the flashlight for making up the lack of light. Then above the flashlight is a Reset hole to restart the computer in case of emergency. At the lower part of the back is PiPo logo and some necessary icons.

PiPo M8HD 11

The system interface:
M8HD have two sets of UI, the one is comes with by the Android system, the other is pipo’s own product, and the two kinds of UI has its own advantages. It is worth noticing that pipo’s own UI is  similar to Win 8.1 and it’s most unique feature is a can-style ring-pull is designed at the top right corner of the screen. Just click it, you will enter a lovely interface. This is specially designed for parents to teach their children by way of comics and stories.

PiPo M8HD 13

PiPo M8HD 14

PiPo M8HD 15PiPo M8HD’s another highlight is the unique multi-window operation mode. It has the ability to run up to four different applications at the same time. You can watch the video, chat with friends, read the news, and play games at one interface. Moreover, when in small window mode, the window’s size and position are adjustable.

PiPo M8HD 16

The performance experience:
Next is time to the performance test. We will test it from games and vedio.
First is the game test. When running Cody 2, Ski Safari, Temple Run 2 and other small games, it is fluency and the screen effect is very good.

PiPo M8HD 18

PiPo M8HD 19

But when running large games like Eternity Warriors 2, Street Fighter 4 and Dragon Slaye, there will be slight pause, while the influence to the games is not very obvious.

PiPo M8HD 21Then, it’s the time to play video. When play 1080P video in PiPo M8HD, it does not appear any stuck phenomenon and delay even “fast forward” or skipping playback. On the contrary, the picture is quite clear and bright.

PiPo M8HD 22

PiPo M8HD 23

Of course, what we care about  most is the endurance. PiPo M8HD is equipped with a 3.7V/8000mA battery. Set the screen brightness to maximum, and continuously play 1080P video for three hours, the power consumption is 58 percent. Thus, under normal circumstances, it is no problem for M8HD to continuously play HD video for six hours.

PiPo M8HD is a pretty good tablet. First, it broke the conventional design ideas, and used the book-style wedge design which is unique and humane. Secondly, the hardware configuration of M8HD is quite good. It is equipped with a RK3188 quad-core 1.6Hz processor which has great advantage in computing and energy saving. 2GB running memory let M8HD’s Android4.2.2 system run more smoothly. The 10.1-inch IPS display is also one major highlights. Finally, M8HD’s unique multi-task management system can run as many as four programs simultaneously on the same screen and that is conducive to avoid the trouble of switching interface frequently. However, the multiple tasks running effect is not so satisfactory and remains to be improved. It is worth noting that, M8HD have a dedicated charging port, and with the usual USB data cable to connect computer can not recharge. In addition, M8HD’s headphones is with the popular flat line design and the sound is quite good.

Pipo M8HD Specifications

Brand Pipo
Model M8HD
CPU Rockchip RK3188 Quad-core ARM Cortex A9
Camera Front 2MP, Rear 5MP AutoFocus and Flash Light
Screen Size 10.1 inch
Screen Type AHVA
Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels (Retina 16:10)
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (support 5G/2.4G)
3G support 3G USB Dongle
Bluetooth v4.0
GPS not build in
Battery Type 8000 mAh
Size 240 x 172 x 10.5mm
Weight 570 g
Operating System Android 4.2.2
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7 thoughts on “10.1 Inch PiPo M8HD Quad Core Tablet Review

  1. Hello I have a big problem with my tablet M6 pro that is a gift for Christmas
    yesterday afternoon was turned off while surfing on the internet when I was 50% battery.
    The tablet is turned off and does not lit anymore.
    I had to press the reset button to restore it.

  2. I was ordering 2 pcs Pipo M6 pro tablets.
    One of tablet is good, no problem.
    But ibn second tablet is not working autorotate screen.
    I switch in menu autorotate mode (on/off).. Restore to factory mode… Flashing last update from pipo site http://www.pipo.cn/En/index.php?m=Product&a=show4&type=2&id=290
    The same.. Autorotate is not working. When I turn on tablet, after booting, tablet will rotate screen always into vertical mode and not changed position at all.
    What will I do in this situation?

  3. I have the Pipo M8 Pro. It is a 9.4″ screen, and I really like it for it size, which is same width as an iPad, but not as tall. It is powerful and smooth …especially since I rooted it with a custom rom.
    The M8HD is the same case; same dimensions; same style …with a larger & brighter screen, plus a bigger battery.
    I want one!

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